Surges in Demand for Healthcare Workers

Layoffs accelerate as the coronavirus disrupts the American economy. If the outbreak worsens, some 24 percent of employers plan to downsize according to a survey of business owners conducted March 7-13 by the wealth manager UBS.

It’s a different story in the healthcare sector; healthcare workers are in demand more than ever. The wave comes as hospitals prepare for an influx of patients with COVID-19, potentially squeezing an already tight labor supply. As of Wednesday morning, there are nearly 7, 3200 cases of COVD-19 confirmed in the U.S., but that number will undoubtedly grow as testing becomes more widely available.

Frontline healthcare workers who come in contact with infected patients and become ill or quarantined could take away more desperately needed nurses and physicians.

Glassdoor is reporting a 3x increase in job postings in the U.S. in locations closely related to the outbreak’s spread. The top-5 states for job openings accounting for 61 percent of open positions including California, Washington, and New York.

In the U.S., 32 percent of these jobs are being posted by employers by the government, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and nonprofit industries. Openings for registered nurses, epidemiologists, down to call center or front-desk workers who are helping handle the influx of community questions are in high demand.

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