Record Spike in Demand and Pay for Nurses

If there wasn’t already a demand for nurses, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a critical nationwide call. The highly skilled are earning record compensation. INNOVA people have crisis response and permanent positions available throughout the country with a range in contract lengths. Log in to view salaries and hospitals or contact us today.

Hospitals need your help now!

The average weekly pay for Registered Nurse (RN) jobs was $1,700 nationwide in January 2020. As of March 2020, the average salary for COVID-19 related RN jobs jumped to over $3,000 – with specific locations and specialties seeing increases even higher than 100 percent.

In California, there was more than a 60 percent increase in average weekly pay, while the state of Washington saw more than a 90 percent increase in the same timeframe for RN jobs.

Roles that are currently in high demand are Staffing at Intensive Care Units (ICUs), emergency departments (EDs), and nurses who specialize in Infection Control.

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