How to Work with a Recruiter to Land Your Dream Job

A tenured recruiter can give you sound career advice and use their network for job leads for openings that may not even be on public job boards. To get the most out of working with a recruiter, you also need to play an active role.

Here’s some advice that we’ve learned in the more than two decades of experience working with candidates on how to make that relationship reach its full potential:

Be Transparent 

The more transparent you are at the start, the higher the potential to build trust, and it sets the tone for the relationship.

Are you seeking temporary assignments or a full-time role? Being clear about your career goals is the only way a staffing professional can do the best possible job for you.

Be open about your skillset, your salary history and expectations, and why you left past roles.

Be Specific

“I’ll move anywhere for a job!” Do you mean that? Be specific with your recruiter; let them know if you’ll only work in a particular area, geographically or industry-wise.

Utilizing our AI tool, we can tell you how many jobs are available in the area of expertise you have as well as the location you desire to live.

If you want to dive deeper, we can let you know who’s hiring and how your skills and experience compare to other candidates in the area.

Speaking of Money 

Please don’t be shy about it. A recruiter can fully help you reach your career goals if they understand your salary expectations and history.

Perhaps you’re entering a new field or are unsure about your salary expectations, let us be a resource for you. Applying our AI tool, we can help benchmark your compensation.

Play Your Part

A recruiter can help streamline your job search, but you’ll also need to play your part. We’ll happily go over your resume with you, help you prepare for the interviews, and be there through the entire process.

It would be best to stay open to objective feedback about your chances of landing the position, whether or not you have the right skills, or make a good culture fit.

Stay in Touch

If you’ve built a strong relationship, the guidance doesn’t stop once you’ve landed the assignment especially during the transition period of getting to know your new role. Let your recruiter know how you are doing and what’s working and what’s not.

We are data-driven and technology-focused but never lose sight of the fact that it’s people who make us all a success.

Ready to take the step? Speak with an INNOVA Recruiter today!