5 Podcasts To Boost Your Career

5 Podcasts To Boost Your Career

We love a good podcast here at INNOVA People, and apparently, we’re not the only ones. Podcast listening grew by almost 30 percent last year. Whether or not you’re a recent college graduate or decades into your career, there’s a podcast for you, considering there are over 43 million episodes as of January 2021.

Here are some top-rated podcasts on interviewing, networking, resume writing, job transitions, career building, and inspiration for career and personal growth. The best part, you don’t even need to use your eyes to absorb the information, and you can listen to them at any time, anywhere.

Job Search

Find Your Dream Job

Mac Prichard interviews job search experts each episode and offers advice on hard-hitting topics like how to think like a hiring manager and how to phrase career changes and gaps in your resume in an interview. The level of expertise each guest brings to the table is unmatched, and Mac’s casual but smart interview-style proves his authority in this space.

Career Transitions

Switch, Pivot, Or Quit with Ahyiana Angel

Ahyiana Angel successfully switched her career from a sports entertainment publicist to a published author, so you know she has the experience for this podcast. Angel provides candid conversations, advice, inspiration, and motivation specifically for those who want to transition into a new career field.


The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

A former All-American athlete and bestselling author, Howes brings in business people, athletes, and entertainment icons to share their inspiring success stories. Discussions center around what qualities make a person successful and develop resilience in the face of on-the-job criticism, a job rejection, or other adverse situations.

Career Coaching

Jessness Required

With her vast experience as a Silicon Valley tech recruiter, Jessica Smith brings an abundance of practical and actionable advice on getting hired in the current competitive job market, even if you’re not looking for a technical role. Specific topics include personal branding, interview preparation, and more.

Just Breathe

Tara Brach

As a western teacher of Buddhist meditation, Tara Brachs’ meditations and talks center you and help you breathe. So if you’re running on adrenaline and finding it hard to relax or focus, this podcast will help you relax and be more present, wherever you are or in your career.

As you tune into your career, and if you’re considering a professional move, contact us to help you dial up the volume of your career.