How to Make The Holidays Less Stressful For Your Employees

The Elves aren’t the only ones putting in some overtime right now. We have officially entered the merriest and busiest time of year. Then trying to balance meeting the end-of-the-year KPIs, wrapping up projects, and spreading Christmas cheer, no wonder we’re all stressed out.

Company leaders can help reduce pressure on your employees while still meeting essential deadlines this holiday season.

Give & Encourage Extra Time Off

Over half (51%) of the employees surveyed by Harvard Business Review said they are uncomfortable asking their manager for time off during the holidays. The top reason is that their manager expects them to be available during their time off. The same group (45%) said their workplace doesn’t close outside of the federal holidays. So, your office is open, and your employees are uncomfortable asking for time off. Hello, Stress!

If it’s feasible for your organization to close for a few extra days around the holidays, consider closing! The return on the investment will be increased employee satisfaction and productivity leading into the new year.

Plan Ahead

Get organized and work with your managers and project managers to plan for the end of the year sprint before it arrives. Start asking early when employees are going on vacation or participating in events and plan deadlines around that. This balance will help everyone stay on track.

Give Recognition 

It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of closing out the year and celebrating the holidays. But rather than have everyone race to the finish line and disengage for the holidays, take this opportunity to be present for a moment. Slow down, gather your team, and notice their accomplishments and hustle.

This simple act can have tremendous value. According to one survey, 79 percent of employees quit their jobs because of a lack of appreciation. Sixty percent say they are more motivated by recognition than money.

Giving thanks to your employees and their hard work will make them feel valued, seen, and engaged. There’s no better way to close the year than with gratitude.

Holiday Bonus

Consider giving your employees a holiday bonus after you give some shout-outs to your team. This time of year can be expensive, especially if you are traveling to visit family.

Ask your employees what they need from you and your managers—and be empathetic, caring, and giving this season no matter the holiday celebrated.