Corporate Values

The INNOVA People Mantra

Make work fun, and live life to its fullest

Our Mission

To build, craft, nurture, and mold our continuous pursuit of excellence, performance, and improvement for our families, clients, and candidates.

Our Values

INNOVA’s values are our compass for our daily actions and describe how we behave as team members of the INNOVA People.


The courage to shape a better future.


Leverage collective genius.


At all costs, we are united in honesty.


Our efforts affect everyone; it's on me to make excellence happen.


Fully committed daily in heart and mind.


We function with outstanding results for everyone.

Why Work With INNOVA People?

Our data-driven approach to success is balanced with an authentic interest in making work fun and fulfilling. Partnering with us means:

  • Six-figure income potential with residual earning opportunity
  • Flexible schedule with work-from-home options
  • No experience necessary in staffing
  • Get all the training you will ever need to be successful; we have a proven track record of teaching people the industry and making them successful
  • Formal career track, with unlimited potential
  • Full benefits package
  • Rewarding career, a huge impact on the marketplace
  • The opportunity to change people’s lives for the better

Ready to make a difference? Work with INNOVA People.

It Doesn’t Feel Like Work When You Love What You Do

We are fired up about working with our clients and candidates to do great things in our industry. Every day, we reach for the next level and strive to:

Serve Our Markets

  • Laser focus on our customers and clients
  • In the market we listen, evaluate, and recommend
  • Execution on results is our daily objective
  • Challenge our candidates and clients to do better and better

Work Smart

  • Act with urgency
  • Remain responsive to change
  • Have the courage to change course when needed
  • Remain constructively discontent
  • Work efficiently

Act Like Owners

  • Be accountable for our actions and inactions
  • Focus on building value
  • Collaborate as a team, win as a team
  • Learn, learn, and learn some more

Ready to Take the Next Career Step?

Put Our Proven Process to Work.


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