Talent Acquisition Experts

Some of the largest hospital systems trust INNOVA People with their toughest-to-fill positions. Our pharmacy, nurse and healthcare management recruiters are true industry experts. Since 2002 we’ve built relationships in the pharmacy and hospital industries. As a result, we can often provide qualified candidates within a week.

Positions We Fill:

    • Chief Pharmacy Officer
    • VP Ancillary Services
    • Area Director of Pharmacy
    • Executive Director of Pharmacy
    • Director of Pharmacy
    • Assistant Director of Pharmacy
    • Inpatient Pharmacy Manager
    • Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor
    • Inpatient Clinical Coordinator
    • Inpatient Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – ICU, ED, ID, Pediatrics
    • Inpatient Clinical Pharmacy Educator
    • Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist
    • Inpatient Staff Pharmacist
    • Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Manager
    • Inpatient Pharmacy Technician Supervisor
    • Inpatient Pharmacy Technician
    • Outpatient Pharmacy Director
    • Outpatient Pharmacy Manager
    • Outpatient Pharmacy Supervisor
    • Outpatient Pharmacy Specialist, Oncology, Hematology, ID, Infusion Services, MTM
    • Outpatient or Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
    • Outpatient Pharmacy Technician, Manager, Supervisor
    • Director of HIM
    • Manager of HIM
    • Application Analyst – multiple disciplines
    • Project Manager level 1, 2, 3
    • Solutions Architect
    • Data Architect
    • BI Tool implementation specialist
    • BI Architect
    • Data Scientist
    • EMR Application Analyst EPIC, CERNER
    • HIM Consultant
    • Cyber Security Analyst
    • Integration Analyst
    • Data Warehousing Analyst
    • Principal Data Warehouse Engineer

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