Contract Staffing

Our Contract Staffing Services

At INNOVA People, connecting you with the right people is our number-one priority. When you need IT specialists and tech solutions, we know you need fast, accurate matches. Our contract staffing recruiters use a proven process: combining a high-level AI platform with next-level HR tech to source talent with the specific skills to get your projects moving.

Flexible IT Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have a robust back office and international capabilities to support our clients. We provide excellent benefits to our contractors, which means we attract top-quality, loyal talent. Our AI platform sources highly-qualified, diverse talent faster and more accurately because of our vast experience and deep tech stack. But even though we love data, we never forget that people are the heart of our contract staffing services.


Not sure if you have a short-term or a long-term need? Want to make sure a contractor is a good fit for your team before you make a direct offer? We understand how important it is to make the right hire. Try one of our employees in a role to evaluate their skills before extending a contract offer.

Supplemental Staffing

Need short-term employees to support your current team? Need access to another world of talent not available to you permanently? Let us help scale your organization faster with more horsepower while adding the potential for saving money. We can provide top-performing employees to cover short-term gaps, keep up with peak workloads, or cover vacations – all without adding staff to your payroll.

Project Staffing

Our project staffing services can provide just-in-time staffing exactly when you need it. Kicking off an exciting new project and need skilled IT talent to meet development deadlines? Count on INNOVA People to send candidates who have technical skills, industry experience, and the drive to help your team succeed.

Need Niche Talent?

Partner with INNOVA People, a national provider of top tech recruiting and project staffing services.



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