Hire Engineering Managers

Hire engineering managers

From their role in the organization to the right questions to ask during the interview process, explore how to hire an Engineering Manager.

Engineering managers are sometimes tough to find, with just under 200,000 of them in the United States.

Given the massive size of the engineering industry, you might struggle to find the right engineering manager.

But what is an engineering manager, and why should you hire one?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, read on to learn more about this crucial role and how to hire engineering managers.

When Do You Need an Engineering Manager?

When you run your company, there are so many things on your plate that you’re bound to let a few slide. Because of this, many tech-focused startups don’t immediately jump to hiring an engineering manager.

And in smaller groups, this is often perfectly fine.

An engineering manager will become more important as management and organization become harder to keep track of. For example, a small team won’t always need a manager.  It also is often difficult to afford an engineering manager during the early stages of a company where every dollar counts.

Look at your company’s needs and decide if you believe an engineering manager would help. Don’t wait too long, or you may find that the damage is already done.

It changes on a company-by-company basis, so do your best to act quickly and decisively.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Engineering Manager?

As with any organizational role, the greatest benefit is increased efficiency. Engineering is a difficult industry, often working under strict deadlines and stressful schedules.

A good engineering manager can help make sure these deadlines and schedules are met and fulfilled. With this, you’ll find profits increasing as work flows significantly better.

Just as important, your workforce will have less stress on them as a result of the better organization.

Role and Responsibilities of an Engineering Manager

What does an engineering manager do? The duties of an engineering manager will vary by position and company. That said, there are some general duties that one can expect when they become an engineering manager.

An EM will lead an engineering team and collaborate with designers, stakeholders, and product managers. They should also expect to handle recruiting for qualified, talented engineers for the team and handle interviewing. In short, an EM is the leader of the team, the liaison with other parties, and the one in charge of making strong additions to the workforce.

The coding language can vary from company to company. The most common coding languages used as an engineering manager are Python, Redux, and React.

What to Expect From an Engineering Manager

When you hire your engineering manager, you should ensure that you know what to expect from them. Additionally, they should know what to expect from you.

In terms of what to expect from them, consider having them complete a hypothetical project. See how they handle a workforce in such a scenario and judge the project they hand in on how you would want it applied to your company.

You also should consider trial periods to see how they fare with your team. However, exercise caution when giving managers temporary control. The quick changes and lack of certainty can cause your employees to not care for a manager they feel will leave before they can grow accustomed to them.

As far as their expectations for you, let them know what level of control or freedom they have over a situation. Inform them of budget restrictions, work hours, benefits, and everything else that will affect their job. If you keep your manager in the dark, there’s only so much they can do to improve your work!

EM Salary and Costs

What will an engineering manager cost you? Engineering managers are highly experienced and skilled employees that are often veterans of the industry. Simply put, they don’t come cheap.

Salaries are never in stone and changes may occur depending on location, cost of living, duties, and more.

Typically, the average of an engineering manager’s salary is around $148.000.
There are also benefits and other perks that may increase the cost.

Consult your budgeting and finances to make sure you can afford to pay an engineering manager their worth.

How to Hire Engineering Managers

Finding someone qualified enough to be an engineering manager is difficult. Here are the two paths you’ll find yourself and how to walk them.

Internal Hiring

Internal hiring is when you move someone from the company into a management position. While many consider this move a promotion, it’s more of a career change.

Internal hiring is beneficial because you know the employee already understands the company and its goals. Many employees will feel more comfortable working under someone they know and respect. You also won’t need to train them for as long.

Drawbacks include having a smaller pool of candidates compared to external hiring. Some employees may also not want to work under your chosen candidate.

External Hiring

External hiring is when you hire from outside of the company. The primary benefit is that this opens you up to many more candidates. That way, you can find the best possible option for the job.

However, training time is increased and you may not have as much loyalty with the manager. Workers may also not want to work under someone they aren’t familiar with.

What to Ask an Engineering Manager During Interviews

When interviewing an engineering manager, you’ll want to know them better than the average employee. Ask them questions that reveal and challenge their values and work philosophy.

This is also an important time to discuss an engineering manager’s salary. Present them with questions that will help you see not just their experience but their quality as a person.

Leaving your workforce in unqualified hands can break your company. Interview your candidates several times until you feel you can properly judge their character.

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So if you’d like to know more about the hiring process and how we can help you find the best engineering manager’s, feel free to contact us!

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