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Hire a Vice President OF ENGINEERING

A Vice President of Engineering plays a key role for companies involved in technology, manufacturing, and production. Learn more about the role of a VPE and how to hire one.

A Vice President of Engineering (VPE) plays an important role for technology companies. This individual is tasked to ensure that the company’s engineering goals are successfully achieved. 
By leading a team of engineering managers and engineers, sometimes large teams of them, the VPE oversees the building of software as well as its delivery. 

While a tech company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is often responsible for the company’s technology vision, the VPE tends to focus more closely on operational functions to ensure that goals are met. 

Here, we’ll explore the role of the Vice President of Engineering role and responsibilities as well as strategies for hiring to fill this role.

What Is a Vice President of Engineering (VPE) ?

An executive-level leadership position, the Vice President of Engineering oversees activities in the company’s engineering and software development department by planning, directing, and coordinating their successful completion.

While focused on operational efficiency and cost-effective strategies, the VPE is tasked to ensure these systems support the company’s current and future needs and to direct the successful completion of engineering projects.

In short, the role not only requires extensive engineering expertise, but also demands exceptional organizational leadership skills.

What Does a Vice President of Engineering Do?

On a daily basis, the VPE of a company minding the balance between efficiency and project quality. The successful outcome of a project is important, but so is the speed to achieve it.

Consequently, VPEs must manage their teams well, ensuring that each member is completing work on schedule. Communicating with and coordinating engineers also forms a critical part of the VPE’s daily tasks.

Additionally, the VPE recruits, interviews, and hires engineers in accordance with the company’s needs.

They often work closely with human resources managers to create a pipeline of worthy candidates to fill critical engineering positions for the company.

VP of Engineering - Role and Responsibilities

The VPE of a company has many roles and responsibilities. The the roles and responsibilities may vary somewhat between companies, they are generally as follows:

  • Recruit, interview, and hire new engineering staff
  • Provide training for engineering managers
  • Provides management, evaluations for, and discipline of engineering managers / staff
  • Prepares and provides final approval of engineering projects
  • Performs cost-analysis measures of projects
  • Prepares the schedules for completing projects
  • Ensures that each project is completed efficiently and in a cost-effective manner
  • Collaborates with other company leaders to meet company goals and develop strategic goals for its engineering teams
  • Identifies new technological solutions and systems for the company and oversees their implementation
  • Develops engineering and development policies designed to provide standards, communicate best practices, and establish security solutions
  • Create and oversee the engineering department’s budget
  • Identify trends in engineering and software development and communicate them to company leadership when necessary
  • Negotiate contracts with company suppliers / clients as directed
  • Oversee the scheduling of engineering staff

Again, these are the VPEs general responsibilities. Some companies assign additional responsibilities as needed.

What Skills Should a VPE Have?

Most companies look for VPEs who have at least 10 years of engineering experience as well as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering.

In addition, a VPE is typically expected to possess excellent communication skills (both verbal and written skills), strong time management skills, proven engineering expertise, organizational skills, excellent leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and working knowledge of administrative software platforms.

How to Hire a VP of Engineering

Companies who wish to hire a Vice President of Engineering often contact an agency that specializes in IT and technology staffing.

Owing to the highly specialized responsibilities of technology and IT professionals, it is often ideal to partner with a staffing agency that has an exclusive technology focus and is acutely aware of engineering companies’ staffing needs.

Applying for recruitment assistance with a generalist staffing firm may not offer the finely tuned assistance that an industry-specific staffing firm agency can offer.

By working with an industry-specific tech staffing agency, companies can build long-term relationships with these recruiters to help them develop a pipeline of talent.

Technology staffing firms such as Innova People recruit and attract top IT talent and work to pair them with tech companies who need to fill crucial IT and engineering roles.

FIND the Ideal VP of Engineering for Your Company

When you partner with an IT staffing firm like Innova People, you’ll want to communicate what you are looking for in your ideal Vice President of Engineering.

Naturally, you’ll want to provide an up-to-date description of the role and its responsibilities as outlined by your executive management team, but you may also want to discuss your company’s values and culture to ensure that you’re able to attract a good fit all around for your business.

What special perks does your company offer (i.e. flexible hours) and benefits? What salary range do you provide for this role in your company?

You’ll work with your IT staffing recruitment specialist to attract a pool of strong candidates. Then, of course, you’ll want to begin your interview process with support from your staffing agency.

Hiring a Vice President of Engineering is a major decision. That’s why it’s helpful to work with a technology and IT staffing agency like Innova People that has access to talent pools in your business sector. It’s their goal to help technology businesses find the right talent to fill their open positions.

If your company is searching for a Vice President of Engineering, Innova People can support you in your search with our strategic recruitment services.

Get in touch with us so we can help you find the strong candidates you’re looking for to fill your technology roles. Contact us to consult or schedule a meeting to discuss your hiring needs today.

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