Be Sticky with your Employees from Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of media and communications holding company, VaynerX, and CEO of VaynerMedia shares what he means by being ‘sticky’ with your employees.   


How much time are you putting into your employees? How much time are you spending meeting with them one-on-one? 


Gary Vee encourages leaders to go “all-in on your people.” In the early VaynerMedia days, before he had hundreds of employees and it was becoming too hard to scale, Vaynerchuck says, he was “really ‘sticky’ with individual people — DM-ing them, having meetings, etc. And even now, I still do it as much as I possibly can. If you’re upset about the “revolving door” at your company and having your employees leave is really affecting you, you need to figure out how to get stickier.”


The New York Times best-selling author says it all comes down to taking the time and figuring out what makes your employees tick. 


“Is it money? Responsibility? Acknowledgment? Title? The trick is knowing that the answer is going to be different for different individuals. Think about your own life, there have been times in your career where you valued money more. There have been times where it was about respect, reputation, work-life balance; it’s not only figuring out what those few things are, it’s about what those few things are for each employee today. It never ends. 


Keeping an employee might just be about paying them a little more, or it might be about you investing in your relationship with them and taking them out to coffee. At the end of the day, it’s about knowing your people.” 


Being a boss or an owner is about reverse-engineering your employees, not them conforming to you.”