We’re Focused on Your Future

Our IT tech recruiters are tenured professionals who have spent years developing relationships with an extensive network of employers. We are a focused talent acquisition firm. As an IT job placement agency, we understand the employment market in the areas we serve including Washington State, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. If you need to know who’s hiring, how your skills and experience compare to other candidates in the area or need help benchmarking your compensation, consider us a trusted resource.

AI Expertise

Utilizing our AI tool we can tell you how many jobs are available in the area of expertise you have as well as the location you desire to live in. We can show you how your salary compares to the vast majority of others with the same chosen profession as you, and how you stack up against the caliber of talent in the area.

This will help us streamline a job search solution that fits what your vision is for your future employment.

What You Can Expect:

  • Tell us about your history, interests and goals
  • Together we’ll review your resume to make sure it’s in top form
  • We’ll get to work identifying likely opportunities for you
  • You will be fully prepared for employer interviews
  • We closely work with you through the entire process

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our IT employment and staffing agency is ready to get started.


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