Why Taking Too Long to Hire is Big Mistake

Still, trying to staff that open position? Did you lose out on your top candidate to a competitor? You may be taking too long to make a hiring decision. Dragging your feet to present a job offer can turn candidates off. Here’s what candidates have to say about a lengthy recruitment process, according to a recent survey. Contact us for help landing the right skilled candidate for your team.


What’s the most frustrating part of the job search process?

54% of job seekers say it’s the long wait after the interview to hear back. Candidates want a clear timeline and regular updates during the hiring process. 


How long are you willing to wait after the interview to hear back?

23% of candidates will wait for just one week. 


How long is too long for the hiring process?

34% of job candidates say 7-14 days is too long.


What happens if the hiring process is too long?

57% of job-seekers lose interest in the job. 


You will lose most of the candidates who are in high demand during the late stages of your recruitment process if your hiring process is slow. When currently employed top performers decide to enter the job market; they are likely to be quickly inundated with recruiting requests and offers, which means that often they will only be on the job market for a matter of days. 


The speed of hire is most important when you are competing against other firms for currently employed “in-high-demand” top talent. If you wait too long the competition will take this top talent off the market before you have the time to make a hiring decision.